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v-Shallo - HSVA’s free surface panel code

For more than 10 years ν-Shallo boosts performance during design analysis and optimisation in numerous projects, inside HSVA as well as with our customers. The programme has been developed to quickly analyse and optimise ship hullforms.

Advanced programming concepts make it an "easy to use" window oriented application that integrates smoothly into a variety of design environments.

Features and CFD functionality: HSVA's wave resistance flow code is a fully non-linear, free surface potential CFD code computing the inviscid flow around a ship hull at a free surface. In terms of functionality, ν-Shallo can compute a large number of different flow cases such as:

  • (unlimited) deep water condition
  • Shallow water
  • Monohulls / conventional ships
  • Multi hulls (catamarans, SWATH, trimarans
  • Asymmetric ships (monohulls as well as catamarans)
  • Submarines
  • Fixed models as well as free to trim and sink conditions

The graphical user interface (GUI) substantially facilitates user input and control of computations. It supports:

  • Input generation
  • Import of panel models from different formats
  • Control and modification of panel models
  • Visualisation and Control of computational results.

Data Import:
Panel mesh generation still is one of the most time consuming and laborious activities for a free surface potential flow computation. Users will have different preferences concerning mesh generation. This is supported by allowing a number of different formats generated by several tools to be imported directly via the GUI. ν-Shallo presently supports panel input from the following sources:

  • NAPA®/npn
  • GiD®

Software + Licensing:

The code has been programmed in FORTRAN 90 and JAVATM. The software distribution comes on a CD with an automatic set-up programme. It is available for Microsoft Windows© XP and 7 (8). The software distribution contains the flow code and the Graphical User Interface, additional plot interfaces, a comprehensive documentation. The software will be installed with a hardlock. HSVA is offering perpetual licenses at very competitive prices. The package will include installation and user support.


Dr.-Ing. Jochen Marzi
Head of Department
Tel. +49-40-69203-236